Conservation Work Update

Restoration work at St Peter’s is progressing at a great rate of knots, the builders assure us they will be substantially finished by Christmas, with the exception of the filling in of the external mortar joints. This has to be left until the return of the cooler weather (probably April), as the traditional lime mortar cannot be mixed in York’s summer heat.

Photo of the church with the original roof removed.
Replacement of the roof.

The roof was removed recently, believed to have been on since the 1890’s, the rafters underneath were in almost pristine condition none needing replacement – an expense we are truely grateful not to have.  Evidence of the nail holes from the original shingle roof could be seen.  A  small section of the removed roof has been replaced underneath the new roof for future generations to discover with the inscription:

Photo of a piece of roof iron with the following text handwritten underneath: "Roof iron replaced November 2017.  Section of original iron roof from 1890's.  Earlier roof even after 1880 renovations was shingles.  Eric Hancock - National Trust.  Glenyse Broadbent (Fleay) - Chairperson, Friends of St Peter's, Gilgering Inc.
Roof tile inscription.

Bisschop’s Stained glass are on track to have the windows finished by the end of January. Restoration of the windows will include the installation of security screens.

Photo of Vaughn Bisschop holding repaired window to the light. The diagonal patterns of yellow, green and blue panels are clearly defined.
Vaughn Bisschop and repaired window